Getaround Cruise Control

How does Getaround Cruise Control work? 
This feature is designed to automatically adjust your car's rate based on its year, make, model and a number of other factors, including location, seasonality, and peak demand hours. 
Cruise Control takes the guesswork out of pricing your car, and allows you to leverage the marketplace demand data we regularly see. This ensures all cars are earning at their full potential.
Why can’t I control my car’s price? 
If you're enrolled in Cruise Control, you will not be able to set your car's daily or hourly rates. Getaround’s pricing feature will dynamically set your car’s rates based on a number of factors including car details, location, and marketplace demand.

With Cruise Control, your car's rates may be adjusted multiple times a day depending on demand.
Why is my car priced differently than similar cars nearby?
Getaround’s pricing feature dynamically sets your car's rate based on a number of factors beyond just the year/make/model of your car.
What if a renter books my car for a date in the future? What price will they be charged?
When a renter searches for a car, we project the demand for their search dates and set the price accordingly. When the renter books your car, they will be locked in at the projected demand rate. 
Why did I earn different amounts for two trips with the same duration?
Cruise Control automatically updates your car's rate based on marketplace demand. As demand fluctuates, so does the price of your car. A trip booked on one day may not earn the same as a trip booked on another with different demand. Cruise Control ensures your car is always priced to maximize your earnings over time. 
When is Cruise Control coming to my market?
We plan to roll Cruise Control out across all Getaround communities in the near future. Currently, Cruise Control is only available in New Jersey, Boston and for select vehicles in San Francisco.
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