Does Getaround charge a fee for renters under 25?

An Under 25 Fee is charged for every trip taken by renters under the age of 25 in order to cover the additional cost of providing our service to these drivers. 

We have worked to structure the fee to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible. Instead of issuing a flat fee to all drivers under the age of 25, the fee decreases substantially for renters under 25 each year.

Age Under 25 Fee
19 75% of Trip Price
20 45% of Trip Price
21 25% of Trip Price
22 15% of Trip Price
23 10% of Trip Price
24 5% of Trip Price
25  None

This fee is charged to the renter for the initial trip reservation as well as any trip extensions with a Getaround car. Unfortunately, discount codes and promotions can’t be applied to the Under 25 Fee.
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