What if the gas tank of the Drive with Uber car is empty at pickup?

The car should have at least 1/4 tank of gas at the start of your trip. If the car has less than 1/4 tank when you arrive to pick it up, snap a photo of the gas gauge and note the gas level in your walk-around inspection in Getaround's mobile app. You'll then need to go to a gas station to fill the gas using the Getaround gas card in the car. 

At the start of your trip, inspect the car and double-check that the gas card is present. If you notice that the Getaround gas card is missing at any point in your trip, contact Getaround support immediately at 1-866-GETAROUND (1-866-438-2768) to report the card as missing. Getaround support may be able to assist you with a backup gas card.  

Remember that you're responsible to ensure that the car has at least 1/4 tank of gas when you return it. If the car is returned with less than ¼ tank of gas, you will be charged a $15 Fuel Fee. This fee is covers the inconvenience to the next driver partner, who will need to immediately fill gas upon pickup. 

If you have difficulty fueling the vehicle or are unsure which fuel to use please call Getaround at 1-866-GETAROUND (1-866-438-2768).

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