What if I get into an accident while driving with Uber on Getaround?

If you get into an accident during your Getaround rental, the first and most important step is to check and make sure no one is hurt - if anyone is hurt or you are unsure, dial 911 immediately.

After confirming everyone is safe please follow the steps below: 

  1. Collect All Information at the Scene
    • Describe the Incident: Write down an accurate description of the incident, including the location and cause of the accident. 
    • Collect Names & Contact Information: Collect the names, phone numbers, and emails of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses at the scene.
    • Collect Insurance Information: For all cars involved note their license plate number, make, model, year, color and all driver and insurance information.
    • Take Photos: Use your phone or camera to take lots of pictures of the scene of the accident and any damage to vehicles.
  1. Report the incident to Getaround by calling 1-866-GETAROUND (1-866-438-2768): the Getaround Agent will guide you through the Claims intake process and request follow-up documentation from you such as photos, insurance information of the other parties involved, etc. 
  2. If the incident was on-app*, you'll also need to report the incident and file a claim via the Uber app:
    • Trip and Fare Review → I was in an accident. Please share all details and Uber will be in touch.

      *On-App means that you were logged in to the Uber app and and had accepted a trip, were en route to pick up a rider, or were already transporting an Uber rider.​ 
  1. If the incident was off-app*, there is no need to file a claim through the Uber driver partner app. Getaround will process the claim. .  

    *Off-App means you had not accepted any Uber rides and were not transporting any Uber riders. 
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