How are tolls handled when I drive with Uber on Getaround?

Getaround Autotoll™

When you pass through a toll plaza in a Getaround car and use an electronic tolling lane (such as FasTrak in the San Francisco Bay Area), the toll will automatically be registered and paid based on the car's license plate. 

If you pass through a toll plaza during your rental and use an electronic tolling lane, our team will automatically charge the toll to your credit card to cover the toll. In addition to the cost of your toll, Getaround charges a $1.50 processing fee per toll crossing.

To avoid paying twice for tolls, do not pay cash when passing through a toll plaza with electronically tolled lanes.

If you have questions about how to get paid for Uber rider tolls, or if you believe that you weren't properly paid for a toll incurred during an Uber trip, please contact Uber support through your Uber Driver Partner app. 
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