Where do I pick up/drop off the Getaround car I'm renting to drive with Uber?

Getaround cars are located in easy-to-access locations throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each Getaround car that is available to be driven with Uber is clearly marked with signs at the home parking space:  


Based on availability, you can select whichever pickup/return location is easiest for you. Please note that the car that you book must be returned to its original pickup location at the end of your trip, and detailed pickup and return instructions are available in the Getaround app and in your confirmation email. 

To locate Getaround cars that are available to be driven with Uber, open up the Drive with Uber section in the Getaround app: 


When you tap Drive with Uber, you'll be taken to the Drive with Uber section of the Getaround app, where you'll see a list of cars available to drive with Uber. To view the cars on a map instead, tap on the map icon on the top right: 

list_with_map.png Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_12.35.03_PM.png

Remember that standard Getaround cars are not available to be driven with Uber. If you're booking your reservation to drive with Uber, you should only book cars listed in the Drive with Uber section of the Getaround app.

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