What if I'm late returning the car?

Returning a car late can greatly inconvenience anyone else who has the car booked after your trip. As a result, you are responsible for returning the car on time per your trip details or extending as necessary.

If you're running late, you can extend your trip using the Getaround  app or by calling 1-866-GETAROUND. Even if you are running just a few minutes late it is important to extend your booking to ensure that you are covered under your trip insurance. 

If you're unable to extend your trip for any reason (i.e. you have insufficient funds on your payment method, or there is a upcoming trip), you must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

If you return a car late resulting in an inconvenience to the next driver partner, you will be charged the hourly rate of the car plus a late return fine for each hour the car is late. The late return fine is $50/hour up to $500.

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