What if I lose a car key?

If you lose or damage a Getaround car key during or after a Trip, you're responsible for all costs associated with replacing the lost or damaged key: this includes key replacement, servicing, programming, and any/all other associated costs. An additional Key Fee of up to $100 may also be charged at Getaround's sole discretion. This fee covers for vehicle downtime that results from the lost key. 

If you forget to return a Getaround car key at the end of your trip, you'll have 48 hours to return the key either to Getaround or directly to the car. If you do not return the car key within 48 hours of your trip end time, you'll be charged for all associated costs of key replacement. Once the key is confirmed returned, you'll be charged a $50 Improper Return Fee to compensate for the vehicle downtime resulting from the misplaced key. 

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