What is Power Cycling?

What is Power Cycling?

Power Cycling is a feature currently in beta which cycles the Connect through periods of "sleep" and "awake" in order to conserve your car's battery life.

How does Power Cycling work?

The Getaround Connect™ is powered by your car's starter battery. The current drawn from your car’s battery allows the device to connect to the Internet via cellular connection and powers the Connect™'s vital functions such as lock/unlock, GPS, and starter enable/disable. We recommend starting and driving your car at highway speeds every 4-5 days to ensure that your car’s battery remains properly charged. When you drive, your car’s alternator charges your battery. If the car isn’t driven for a long period of time, the current draw is enough to prevent your car from starting. 

With Power Cycling, the Connect™ stays "asleep" at all times except during: a calendar block, a booked trip, and every 15 minutes. During these periods of sleep, the Connect™ is not operating, and as a result is not drawing power from your car's battery.

How do I lock and unlock my car with Power Cycling on?

If you try using your app to lock or unlock the car while the Connect™ is asleep, the Connect™ will not be able to receive the command, and the attempted lock or unlock will fail. However, if your car's calendar is blocked at least 15 minutes before you plan on using the car, the Connect™ will wake up at the start of the block and you'll be able to unlock or lock the car with your app. The Connect™ will stay awake for the duration of the calendar block.

For example, if you update your car's calendar at 3:00PM by adding a block starting at 3:15PM, the car will come online at 3:15PM. 

Learn how to block your car's calendar here.

What if I use Getaround's Enhanced Security feature?

If you use Enhanced Security, your car's Connect™ will need to be awake in order to enable or disable the car's starter. If you unlock your car using your spare key (and not the app) while the Connect™ is asleep, the car will not start. However, if your car's calendar is blocked at least 15 minutes before you plan on using the car, the Connect™ will wake up at the start of the block and you'll be able to unlock the car with the app which enables your car's starter. The Connect™ will stay awake for the duration of a calendar block, so after your trip you can lock the car with the app which disables your car's starter.

Learn more about Enhanced Security here.

Does adding Power Cycling eliminate the need for my car being driven?

No, but it should prolong the time your car can sit without being driven. Like all batteries, car batteries cannot sit indefinitely without losing charge, and letting a battery sit for extended periods without being driven is not good for the battery's health. The easiest way to ensure your car's battery is recharged regularly and prevent it from dying is to drive the car regularly for 30-45 minutes, and ideally at highway speeds.

If I need to drive my car less often, can I also check my car less often?

No, Power Cycling should not used as a replacement for checking your car frequently. Ideally, you should check the condition of your car in between every trip. You are required check on your car every 7 days at a minimum, and promptly report any issues with your car. This requirement is unchanged for cars that are a part of the Power Cycling beta test. You can view the Getaround Owner Policy here to learn more about your responsibilities as a Getaround car owner.

My car failed a battery test. Will Power Cycling help?

No. Unfortunately, if your car has a "bad" or failing battery, the only solution is to replace the battery. Power Cycling will not help in these cases, and cannot be added to a battery which fails testing. You can read about car battery lifespan, testing, and replacement here.

I have Power Cycling and decided it's not for me. Can it be turned off?

Yes. If you decide to permanently opt out of the beta test, Power Cycling can be turned off remotely at your request. You will not be able to rejoin the beta test once you have had Power Cycling turned off.

I'm interested in Power Cycling. How can my car get added to the beta test?

If you have a car on Getaround and are interested in having your car added to the beta test, please contact us via our help center and a member of our Happiness Team will be happy to assist you with evaluating your car's eligibility for Power Cycling. Note: Power Cycling is not available on all Connect™ devices. 





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