The car I rented has a lockbox, how does it work?

The car’s lockbox contains everything you need to get on your way. To open the lockbox, you’ll need to use the access code specific to that car. You will find the car’s access code in the car’s pickup instructions, available in your trip confirmation email and right in the Getaround app. Your car’s access code will be a unique four-digit code that you will use to open and securely shut the lockbox.

Starting Your Trip 

Inside the car, you will find the lockbox under the front passenger seat. Simply pull the lockbox up from the under the seat to access the car key, insurance card, and, if applicable, the parking pass for the garage or surface lot.


Once you have the access code and lockbox in-hand, you will find instructions for opening the lockbox on the inside flap.


During your trip, we recommend you keep the car key and/or access card with you. Leave the lockbox under the front passenger seat until your trip ends.


Ending Your Trip 

In addition to your normal responsibilities when returning a car, we ask that you follow these additional steps for cars with a lockbox:

  • Return all items to the lockbox, including the car key, insurance card, and, if applicable, the parking pass for the garage or surface lot. If the car key came in RF pouch, remember to put the key back in the RF pouch before returning it to the lockbox.
  • Securely close the lockbox by repeating the instructions for accessing the lockbox from the top. Note: You must re-enter the vehicle’s specific four-digit access code before you can close the lockbox.
  • Return the lockbox under the seat. Place the lockbox back under the front passenger seat, and make sure that the lockbox is not visible to anyone looking in. 
  • Lock the car doors using the Getaround mobile app. 


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