What is the Early Adopter Bonus?

To show how much we appreciate our community of owners in Boston and New Jersey who helped us launch these new markets in 2017, we're offering a 10% Early Adopter Bonus to owners in these areas who launched cars before November 17, 2017. You can find all the details below: 

Who is eligible for the Early Adopter Bonus? 

All cars in the Boston and New Jersey areas that were launched before November 17 2017 are eligible for the 10% Early Adopter Bonus. 

How is the bonus calculated? 

The Early Adopter Bonus is calculated as 10% of your total trip revenue for the month after Getaround commission. 


In the above example, rental income minus Getaround commission = $401.70. The Early Adopter Bonus comes to $40.17. 

The Early Adopter Bonus does not apply to any adjustments, reimbursements, loss of use payments, etc. It only applies to rental earnings less Getaround commission. 

How long will this bonus last? 

The Early Adopter Bonus will be applied to all rental earnings from November 1 2017 through February 28 2018.

You can find more information about your Getaround earnings and payments here

How do I enroll as an Early Adopter to qualify for the bonus? 

If your car qualifies for the Early Adopter Bonus, it will be automatically enrolled. You don't need to do anything else! 

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