How do I manage my car's profile?


Your dashboard will show you an overview of the car you're sharing on Getaround. Here you review recent rental activity, make changes to your car's listing, and view your car's earnings reports. Clicking on any trip will allow you to view additional details, and contact the renter, if necessary.


Filling out the information on your account page allows renters to easily contact you and allows you to book other Getaround vehicles.
At the bottom of the page, you'll find a Payment section where you can choose to receive your monthly earnings through Paypal or physical checks in the mail. 

Your Car's Profile

  • Description— Tell renters why your car is cool. Do you have an amazing sound system? Is your car perfect for road trips? Will it travel through time if it hits 88 MPH? This is your chance to share why you love your car.
  • Pricing— In cities with flat hourly rate pricing, Getaround will set a recommended rate when your car launches on Getaround. In some cities, Getaround offers predictive pricing for owners and will set your rate for you automatically. 
  • Calendar Give renters an idea of when you're using your car. You'll never get a booking for a time that is blocked off.
  • Weekly recurring calendar Need your car at the same time each week? Mark it off on the weekly calendar, so your car is always blocked off at that time.
  • Description  Let renters know what features your car has. Is it pet-friendly? Is it 4WD? 
  • Location Your pickup instructions guide renters during the pickup and return of your car. Make sure your car's instructions and location are accurate.
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