How does insurance work if I'm a renter?

Getaround car insurance works very similarly to a personal policy. Whenever you reserve a car through Getaround and you meet our eligibility criteria, you are fully covered for the duration of the trip reservation by Getaround's top rated insurance policy. This includes comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage administered by Broadspire, up to $1M as outlined in our terms of service.

The Getaround policy provides coverage for incidents that occur during a trip reservation, and both you and the owner are covered by our policy. Like most insurance policies, the Getaround policy carries a $1000 damage fee per incident, for which the renter is responsible. If the car is an exotic vehicle with an MSRP over $80,000 or if the car is a classic vehicle more than 35 years old then a $2,500 damage fee applies, for which the renter is responsible.

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