How do I locate the car I booked?

Getaround cars are parked in two ways, reserved spots and street parking. The home location of a car will always be indicated under the Pickup Instructions section of your rental page, or within the same section of the Getaround iPhone or Android app. 

Reserved Parking

Many owners have reserved spots to simplify the pickup and return process. Detailed parking information can be found online in the owner's Pickup Instructions or in the email sent to you upon trip confirmation. Please note that these instructions are emailed to the address you used to set up your account. To make things easier, some reserved parking spots are denoted by a purple Getaround sign with our logo. 

If you are unable to locate the car when you arrive, you can always reach out to the owner by calling their personal number which you should have received upon trip confirmation. If, for some reason, you are unable to reach the owner, please call us at 1-866-GETAROUND so we can help.

Street Parking

Getaround cars may be street parked, meaning that they can be parked within a .25 mile radius of the stated home location. Once your trip starts, you can use the Getaround mobile app on iPhone or Android to find the car's real-time location. 

Remember that when you return a street-parked car, you should check the signage for any parking restrictions. You are responsible to park the car in a place that is safe, legal, and free from street cleaning/other parking restrictions for at least 24 hours following your trip end time. 

If you can't locate a car via the mobile app, please call us at 1-866-GETAROUND so we can locate the car remotely. 


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