How can I report existing damage?

When you arrive to pick up a Getaround car and start your trip, it's important to take a moment and complete a walk-around inspection of the car's condition, and send in a quick report from our iPhone or Android mobile app. By taking just a few moments to inspect the car and report any existing issues, you provide valuable feedback to the car owner and also alert us to any potential safety or maintenance concerns. Also, by reporting on the car's condition before you drive, you help ensure that you won't be held responsible for any existing damage or mess.


How does the walk-around inspection feature work?  

When you arrive to pick up your Getaround car, you'll have the opportunity to submit a walk-around inspection of the car within the iPhone or Android app. Simply tap on the "Inspect the car" bar to open up the inspection page and fill out a quick report on the car's condition. Once you've filled out the report and added any photos, tap "Submit" at the top right of the inspection page, and your report will be sent to Getaround.

Why should I complete a walk-around inspection?  

The walk-around inspection feature in the app provides renters with a quick, simple way to report existing issues and maintenance concerns before driving the car. Completing a walk-around inspection will alert our team to any concerns requiring immediate attention, and will also help ensure that you're not held responsible for damage or mess that was existing prior to your trip.

When can I complete a walk-around inspection? 

You can complete a walk-around inspection of the car at any point in your trip, from 10 minutes before your trip starts to 15 minutes after your trip ends.

I don't use Getaround's mobile app. Should I still report existing damage? 

Each time you arrive to pick up a Getaround car, it's important to walk around the car and report any pre-existing damage or potential safety issues, even if you're not using the mobile app. If you notice any, take a photo and send it to us via our help center. This will ensure you're not held liable for any damage you did not cause. It's also a good idea to take a picture of the gas gauge if the gas is low, and as always return the car with the same level of gas as it had at the start of your trip. 

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