Can I submit feedback after my trip?

When you log into the Getaround web app after each trip, you'll be prompted to submit feedback on your trip. By reporting on your experience, you provide valuable feedback for the car owner, and alert the Getaround team to any maintenance concerns requiring immediate attention.

renter feedback icons.pngIs my feedback seen by the car owner?

When you rate your trip, you'll rate it on a 4-point scale. If you indicate that the trip was “Okay” or “Bad”, you'll be prompted through a couple of direct questions about your experience, and a report will be sent to Getaround to review and follow up with the owner on any issues requiring attention. If you rate a trip as “Awesome” or “Good”, you'll have the option to send a personalized message directly to car owner.

Your reviews will not be displayed publicly on the car's profile, and the owner will never see your negative feedback directly. Any negative feedback you submit will be reviewed by our team and anonymized before we reach out to the owner to address any issues or concerns. 

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