How do I extend a trip?

If you're running late, be sure to extend your trip and contact the owner to let them know. You can extend your trip using the Getaround iPhone app or by calling 1-866-GETAROUND. It is important you're always in an active trip, otherwise you won't be covered by our Insurance policy!

If you're unable to extend your trip (i.e. the owner or car is unavailable, you have insufficient funds on your payment method, or there is a upcoming trip), you must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

Please note that all trip extensions are billed as new trips (on an hourly or daily basis). This means that if you've already hit the daily rate, you will not be able to extend for free. If you are extending for a period long enough to hit the daily rate again, you'll only be billed the daily rate. 

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