How are traffic tickets and parking citations handled?

As a renter, you are liable for traffic tickets, parking citations, towing and impound fees, and other infractions and violations that occur during your trip per Getaround policy. If you rent a street-parked car, you are also liable for parking citations, towing fees, and impound fees that result from illegally parking the car at the end of your trip. It is your responsibility to pay these fees in a timely manner and to comply with all legal obligations that arise from such violations.

You can find more information about your responsibilities when returning a car here.

24-Hour Period

If you rent a street-parked car, you are responsible for the following when returning the car at the end of your trip:

  • Parking the car safely and in compliance of local laws along the street within a 0.25 mile radius of the car's stated home address.
  • Parking in a space that is safe from citation and tow for at least 24 hours (the “24-hour Period”) following your trip end time. This allows the owner 24 hours to take back possession of the car.

Example: Your trip ends at 12AM midnight and you park the car in a space where there is street cleaning at 6AM. If the car is issued a citation for street cleaning at 6AM, you are liable since it falls within the 24-hour period.

For the 24-hour Period following your trip, you are solely liable for all parking citations and any resulting towing, impound, retrieval, and administrative charges unless someone else takes possession of the car, such as the car owner or another renter within that time.

Point Violations

In some areas, certain parking (non-moving) citations (e.g. illegal handicap parking) and certain traffic (moving) tickets (e.g. red light camera-enforced citations in California) are categorized as point violations. This means that they result in points on the recipient's driving record. These point violations will end up on the registered owner's driving record, which can have serious and long-lasting consequences. 

If you incur a point violation during your trip, Getaround will work with the issuing authority to reassign responsibility for the violation to you, in line with our Renter terms. You'll then receive notice from the issuing authority, and you'll be responsible to settle, contest, or otherwise handle the citation directly with that issuing authority.  

Non-Point Violations

Most parking (non-moving) citations are categorized as non-point violations. Additionally, depending on the issuing authority, some traffic (moving) tickets enforced by camera such as red light and speeding violations are also categorized as non-point violations. A non-point violation does not affect or appear on your or the car owner's driving record. 

Because outstanding citations are logged against a car's registration and may result in booting, towing, and other headaches down the line, it's important that any open citations are resolved as quickly as possible. 

For any non-point violation incurred during or subsequent to your trip (parking, speeding, etc.), you should settle the citation immediately to avoid delinquent penalties. If Getaround becomes aware of the citation either from the issuing authority or the car's registered owner, we may settle the citation and bill you for it with an additional fee in line with our Fee and Commission Schedule and Renter terms

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