How can I submit feedback for my renters?

We recognize the importance of having a simple, clear, and responsive feedback system for owners to review each renter after a completed trip. After each completed trip, you'll be given the opportunity to review each of your renters when you log into your Owner Dashboard through our website: 

owner feedback 1.png

Trusting the Renter

When you select "Yes, I trust this renter to rent my car again," a dialogue box will appear, and you'll have the option to send a customized message to the renter. Once you submit your feedback, an email will be sent to the renter to let him know that you trust him, and will include your optional message.  

Not sure?

If you're unsure whether you trust the renter, you can select the "Not sure" option. The next time that the renter completes a trip in your car, you'll be asked again if you trust him. So if you are not sure now, no worries; you can review the renter next time.

Distrusting the Renter

When you select "No, I do not trust this renter to rent my car again," a dialogue box will appear where you can explain in detail what went wrong with the trip. When you submit your feedback, an internal report will be sent directly to Getaround to review the incident in full. 

Submitting a negative feedback report to Getaround will not automatically block the renter from booking your car in the future. Submitting this report will prompt a full internal review of the incident and the renter. Renters are held accountable for any community violations within our renter demerit policy. 

Will the renter see my negative feedback? 

Renter reviews will not be displayed publicly on the renter's profile, and the renter will never see your negative feedback directly. Any negative feedback you submit will be reviewed by our team before we reach out to the renter to address any issues. 

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