Should I track mileage for my renters' trips?

As a car owner, you should periodically check your odometer. If you notice that one of your renters went over the mileage allotment, email us at with details about the trip (must be within 90 days of the trip end date) and total mileage—and we'll take care of charging additional mileage fees. You may also request a mileage audit for any trip within 90 days of the trip end date.

If a renter is found to have exceeded the trip mileage allotment, a mileage reimbursement will be issued to you in line with our Fee and Commission Schedule

For each mile over the allotment, we will reimburse owners at the following rate:

  • Standard: $0.30/mile over trip mileage allotment
  • Specialty: $3.00/mile over trip mileage allotment




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