What should I do if a renter forgets to refuel?

Renters are responsible to refill the fuel used during a trip. To make keeping track of fuel usage simple for all parties, Getaround prompts Renters to record the fuel levels and take a picture of the gauge at the start and end of every trip. These fuel levels and photos are displayed on the trip receipt after the trip.

If one of your renters returns a car with less fuel than at the start of the trip, we recommend you refuel your car at your soonest convenience and submit the receipt to our help center with the name of the renter and the date of the trip. The receipt must be submitted within 30 days of the trip in question.

As outlined in our Fee and Commission Policy, we'll reimburse you for the cost of refueling. We may also add a $10.00 earnings adjustment to compensate you for your time and effort to resolve the renter-incurred expense. 




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