If I let my friend drive, are they covered under insurance?

Shared accounts are not allowed, and it’s important that you only list your own driver’s license on your Getaround account. Unless you've contacted our help desk about adding a second driver to your booking, only you, the Getaround account holder, are covered under our insurance policy. If you want to add a second driver, please contact us at we can verify whether the second driver has his or her own account and is eligible to drive during your trip.

If you allow an unauthorized driver (i.e. someone who doesn't have an account in good standing and/or hasn't met our eligibility requirements) to operate a Getaround car during any trip period, you will be charged a $250 Unauthorized Driver Fine at Getaround's sole discretion. Payment of this fine does not imply Getaround membership or insurance coverage for the unauthorized driver.

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