Are renters responsible for parking or traffic citations?

Renters are responsible for paying any and all traffic tickets or other infractions that occur during their trip—and for 24 hours after they return a Getaround car, if the car is street parked. We recommend that renters contact the owner directly to resolve payment for the citation. 

In the case that a renter leaves a car parked in a manner that is illegal or unsafe at the end of a trip, such as failing to curb the wheels or blocking a driveway, then the renter is responsible for any resulting towing, impounding, and violations incurred, even if the violation is not issued within 24 hours of the trip end time. 

If you are unable to contact the renter, we ask that you pay the citation upfront and send a copy of the citation and confirmation of payment to We'll reimburse you for the full cost the citation, as outline in our Fee and Commission Schedule. We may also add an earnings adjustment of $15.00 to compensate you for your time and effort in resolving the renter-incurred expense. We'll handle the renter side of things. 


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