Are renters responsible for traffic tickets or parking citations?

Renters are liable for traffic tickets, parking citations, and other infractions that occur during their trip. If the car is street parked, the renter is also responsible for any parking citation that occurs up to 24 hours after their trip end time, unless someone else takes possession of the car, such as the car owner or another renter.

In the case that a renter leaves a car parked in a manner that is illegal or unsafe at the end of a trip, such as failing to curb the wheels or blocking a driveway, then the renter is responsible for any resulting citation, towing, and impounding that occurs until someone else takes possession of the car, even if the violation is not issued within 24 hours of the trip end time, since the car was returned in an illegal manner at the trip end time.

Point Violations

In some areas, certain parking (non-moving) citations (e.g. illegal handicap parking) and certain traffic (moving) tickets (e.g. camera-enforced red light violations in the state of California) are categorized as point violations. If points are assessed, this should be clearly stated on the citation. This means that the violation results in points on the recipient's driving record.

If you receive notice of a point violation issued to your car related to a Getaround rental, we kindly ask that you do not make payment. Doing so is an admission of guilt, which may adversely and irreversibly affect your driving record. Instead, please submit a copy of the citation to We'll work quickly with the issuing authority to transfer liability to the appropriate renter.

Non-Point Violations

Most parking (non-moving) citations are categorized as non-point violations. Additionally, some issuing authorities categorize traffic (moving) tickets enforced by camera such as red light and speeding violations as non-point violations. This depends entirely on the issuing authority. A non-point violation does not affect or appear on your or the Getaround renter's driving record.

Because outstanding citations are logged against a car's registration if they remain unpaid or challenged, it's important that any open citations are resolved immediately.

For any non-point citation incurred related to a Getaround renter's trip (parking, speeding, etc.), you should settle the citation immediately to avoid penalties. We ask that you send a copy of the citation and confirmation of payment to We'll reimburse you for the full cost the citation, as outlined in our Fee and Commission Schedule. We may also add an earnings adjustment of $15.00 to compensate you for your time and effort in resolving the renter-incurred expense. We'll handle the renter side of the situation.

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