What happens if a renter smokes in my car?

Getaround has a zero tolerance policy for smoking in Getaround vehicles. If a renter returns your car with evidence of having smoked in your vehicle, such as a strong smoke odor or ashes, we will reimburse you for the cost of cleaning, up to $300. To request reimbursement, we ask that you submit a receipt for cleaning and pertinent documentation to us via our help center.

You must submit documentation of the incident to us, including photos, payment receipts, and other forms of validation to receive reimbursement. This documentation should be submitted to getaround support in no more than 2 weeks after the incident occurred. 

As outlined in our Fee and Commission Schedule, you may submit a receipt for reimbursement up to $300. We may also add a $15.00 earnings adjustment to compensate you for your time and effort to resolve the renter-incurred expense. We'll handle the renter side of things.


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