What if I need to cancel a booking with my car?

When you list your car on Getaround, your car is assumed available for rent at all times unless you block off your car calendar for personal use. It's important to keep your car's calendar up-to-date to avoid last-minute cancellations, and ensure that your car is always available for you when you need it.

When you cancel a trip (particularly at the last minute), it creates a negative experience for the renter, who then has to be rebooked to a different car. Sometimes this replacement car is nearby and the renter can walk there, but often, the replacement car might be too far to get to on foot. This causes additional inconvenience and expense to the renter, who may need to spend money and time on a cab to get to the replacement car.

That said, we understand that life happens, and sometimes you might need to cancel a booking on your car. As a car owner, you're subject to the same 24-hour rule as your renters: if you need to cancel a trip, you can avoid a cancellation fee by canceling more than 24 hours prior to the trip start time.

If you need to cancel a trip within 24 hours of the trip start time, an owner cancellation fee may be charged at Getaround's sole discretion. This fee is charged to cover the costs of rebooking the affected renter to another car: these costs include cab fare reimbursement as well as a Happiness discount to compensate the renter for the hassle and lost time.

Our owner cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • If canceled more than 24 hours before the Trip starts: no fee.
  • If canceled less than 24 hours before the Trip starts: $25.00
  • If canceled less than 1 hour before the Trip starts: $50.00
  • Canceled with no advance notice (No-Show): $100.00
  • After a trip has started, it may not be canceled.
To cancel, let us know you are canceling via our help center. We'll take care of everything from there. You can also contact call us at 866-438-2768 if you need to cancel a trip.

Extreme Weather Events and Emergencies

The safety of our members and your vehicle is always our top priority, and we understand that severe weather events can make it unsafe and inadvisable to be out on the roads. If you're experiencing an extreme weather event (as deemed by the National Weather Service or another government agency) and you'd like to cancel a booking on your car, we can cancel the booking for you with no cancellation fees. Please let us know via our help center or call us at 1-866-GETAROUND (1-866-438-2768), and we'll take care of everything from there.

If a renter has canceled a booking on your car due to a severe weather event, in the interest of the renter's safety and the safety of your car we will cancel the trip at no fee to the renter. In such cases, there will be no payment or compensation for the canceled booking. 

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