How do I mark my car as "pet-friendly”?

To list your car as a pet friendly car:

  1. Access your car dashboard at
  2. Go to your car's profile by selecting "Manage" under the image of your car.
  3. Navigate to "Details" in the lefthand sidebar. 
  4. Check the "Pet-Friendly" box.

If you believe a renter returned your car excessively dirty after transporting a pet, please submit photos and any relevant receipts for cleaning to us via our help center. We may be able to reimburse you for having your car cleaned. 

As our cleaning reimbursement policy mentions, we are able to offer reimbursement for cleaning up to $45.00. We may also add a $15.00 earnings adjustment to compensate you for your time and effort to resolve the renter-incurred expense. We'll handle the renter side of things.  

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