What is Getaround's policy for manual transmission vehicles?

Clutch wear is dependent on both driving habits and the frequency a vehicle is used. Since driving habits vary between drivers, and shared vehicles are used more frequently, the clutch life for a shared vehicle will reflect this accumulated use.

Getaround expects your clutch to last 60,000 miles for Regular vehicles, 40,000 miles for Performance vehicles, and 20,000 miles for High Performance vehicles.


Most vehicles share a similar drivetrain and clutch components. Additionally, these vehicles experience typical city and highway usage at normal speeds, regular deceleration, and frequent gear change. Getaround expects the life of most clutches to last 60,000 miles.


The manufacturing of a performance car involves providing both an above average powertrain as well as braking and steering systems to support it. These vehicles may also have turbochargers, superchargers, and other enhanced features. As a result, these vehicles attract performance driving. Getaround expects a performance vehicle clutch to last 40,000 miles due to the intended increased performance nature of the vehicle. These performance upgrades are typically denoted, badges or emblems or names such as “AMG, “M”, or “Saleen”.

High Performance

The clutch life of an High Performance vehicle differs from all other types of vehicles in that they are specialized, highly tuned, high performance type vehicles. There have specific features that encourage high performance driving which will naturally result in accelerated wear. Given their highly tuned nature, the lifespan of a clutch in a High Performance vehicle is expected to last up to 20,000 miles. Typically exotic cars.

If your clutch fails...

In the event your clutch fails due to Renter related damage prior to reaching its expected life span, we will consider sharing the cost of repairs at the following rate after an investigation has been completed by our Claims team. Please refer to our Wear policy for restrictions.

Remaining mileage life of the clutch and/or flywheel divided by expected lifespan. EX: Remaining life 20k divided by Full lifespan of 60k = 33.3%.  Getaround would pay 33.3% of the replacement of the clutch.

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