What is Enhanced Security, and how do I use it?

What is Enhanced Security?

Enhanced Security allows you to immobilize your car's starter when it is not in an active Getaround trip. If Enhanced Security is turned on, at the start of each Getaround reservation, the Getaround Connect™ will automatically enable the car’s starter for the renter.

Enhanced Security does not replace any existing security features for your car but complements the features your car already has.

What if I want to use my own car?

As an owner - when Enhanced Security is on and you want to drive your car, simply unlock your car using the Getaround Connect Key through the Getaround app or website to enable your car’s starter.

When you’re done using your car and are ready to make it available for a Getaround reservation, simply lock your car with your phone to re-activate Enhanced Security and immobilize the car’s starter.

Am I a good candidate for Enhanced Security?

Whether or not Enhanced Security is a good fit for you and your car is dependent on the Getaround Connect™'s connectivity. If you are in a garage or already using a lockbox, valet, or another entry method, you should not enable Enhanced Security.

How do I enable Enhanced Security?

  1. Access your car dashboard at
  2. Go to your car's profile by selecting "Manage" under the image of your car.
  3. Navigate to "Connect" in the lefthand sidebar. 
  4. Check the "Turn on Getaround Connect enhanced security" box.

Enhanced Security in Remote Areas

If your car has Enhanced Security enabled and you travel to a remote area where data network coverage (i.e. 4G or LTE coverage) is weak, you may not be able to unlock (and mobilize the starter) on your car. This could be due to poor data reception on your phone or on the Getaround Connect™, depending on the specific area. If you're planning to travel to a remote/rural area, we recommend turning Enhanced Security off before you depart: this will ensure that you don't encounter any starter issues should you travel to an area with weak data connectivity.

If you do travel to a remote area with Enhanced Security enabled and find that your car will not start, please call Getaround at 866-438-2768 for assistance. 

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