What is Getaround's automatic toll feature, and how do I use it?

Getaround Autotoll™ is Getaround's automatic tolling feature for owners and renters. 

How it works

When you pass through a toll plaza in a Getaround car and use an electronically tolled lane, the toll will automatically be registered and paid based on the car's license plate. Electronically tolled lanes may be called FasTrak lanes, EZPass lanes, or other names, depending on your location.

To avoid paying twice for tolls, do not pay cash when passing through a toll plaza with electronically tolled lanes, and make sure that your car's license plate is disassociated from your electronic tolling account.

Where it works

If you share your car, you can drive through any electronically tolled lane at toll plazas throughout the country without needing a toll tag or transponder inside your car. There's no need to fund any electronic tolling account—every month, we'll add up your toll charges and automatically charge your credit card for you. 

Autotoll™ currently works on all major tolled bridges and roads in the states and provinces highlighted on the map below. Keep in mind that toll prices vary by region, facility, and time of day.


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