What are my responsibilities when returning a car?

At the end of your trip, you should always do your best to park the car in or near the same spot where you picked it up, depending on the car's unique parking situation and pickup/return instructions. Getaround does not currently offer one-way bookings: when you rent a Getaround car, you're expected to return it at or near the location where it was picked up, depending on the car's parking situation. 

You're responsible for following the Pickup Instructions included in your trip confirmation email when returning a vehicle at the end of your trip. You're also responsible for:

  • Parking in a legal space safe from any parking restrictions for 24 hours after your trip’s end time (if the car is street-parked and doesn't have a dedicated parking spot)
  • Parking within a .25 mile radius of the listed home location (if the car is street-parked and doesn't have a dedicated parking spot)
  • Curbing the car’s wheels (if applicable)
  • Returning the key to the sun visor organizer (unless otherwise indicated in the car’s Pickup Instructions)
  • Locking and securing the car’s doors and windows
  • Replacing the fuel used during your trip

You are solely liable for the highest amount of any parking tickets, traffic citations, tow and impound fees, and other infractions and violations that occur during and subsequent to your trip, and all fees resulting from such violations, per Getaround policy. It is your responsibility to pay these fees in a timely manner and to comply with all legal obligations that arise from such violations.

For more information about citations, check out How Are Parking And Traffic Tickets Handled? in our Help Center.

When a car is returned negligently or improperly, this causes an inconvenience for its next driver. These instances and any others where a renter returns a car negligently and/or improperly may result in a $50 improper return fee at Getaround’s sole discretion.

A car may be considered to be improperly returned in the following circumstances:

  • Car is not parked legally for 24 hours after the trip’s end time
  • Car is parked farther than .25 miles from its listed home location (if street-parked without a dedicated parking spot)
  • Car is parked blocking a driveway
  • Car’s wheels are not curbed (if applicable)
  • Car’s garage/parking card was lost as a result of the trip
  • Car’s lights or electronics are left on, resulting in a dead battery

If something out of your control is preventing you from returning a car properly at the end of your trip, call 866-GETAROUND, and we’ll assist.

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