If a renter cancels their trip, do I still get the earnings from it?

Renters may cancel a reservation within one hour of booking without penalty. For trips planned further in advance, renters may also cancel up to 24 hours before the trip without penalty.

If a renter cancels a reservation on your car without sufficient notice, you may request renter cancellation reimbursement for the time the car was booked and unavailable for other potential renters. The cancellation reimbursement provides you with 50% of your revenue from the cancelled reservation.

Extreme Weather Events and Emergencies

The safety of our members and your vehicle is always our top priority, and we understand that severe weather events can make it unsafe and inadvisable to be out on the roads. If your area is experiencing an extreme weather event (as deemed by the National Weather Service or another government agency) and a renter would like to cancel a booking on your car, we will cancel the booking for the renter with no cancellation fees. 

If a renter has canceled a booking on your car due to a severe weather event, in the interest of the renter's safety and the safety of your car we will cancel the trip at no fee to the renter. In such cases, there will be no payment or compensation for the canceled booking. 

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