If the car gets towed during or after my trip, am I responsible?

You are responsible for paying any towing costs that occur during your trip—and for 24 hours after you return a Getaround car. For example, if you park in a towaway zone in the middle of your trip and the car gets towed, you're responsible for all costs related to retrieve the car (and any parking citations associated with the towing). 

When you return a car after a trip, you need to park it free from potential parking violations for a period of at least 24 hours. This gives the owner time to check on the car and move it if necessary. Don't return the car parked in an area with street cleaning the morning after your trip or blocking a driveway. If the car does get towed as a result of how you parked the car at the end of your trip, you will be responsible. 

If additional vendor assistance is required to retrieve a Getaround car from an impound facility, you will be responsible for additional retrieval costs and a $25 retrieval fee.


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