What happens if a renter returns my car improperly?

Renters are required to follow the Parking Instructions noted in your car's profile when returning your vehicle at the end of a trip.

A car may be considered improperly returned under the following circumstances:

  • Car is not parked legally for 24 hours after the end of the trip
  • Car is parked blocking a driveway
  • Failure to curb the wheels as required
  • Loss of garage/parking card during a reservation
  • Car lights are left on resulting in a dead battery

In these situations, you may intervene to prevent a tow, parking citation, and/or inconvenience to the next renter and request an improper return reimbursement.

In order to receive this reimbursement, you must submit documentation of the incident to Getaround, including photos and payment receipts when applicable. A $30 earnings adjustment may also be issued to compensate you for your time and effort to resolve the renter-incurred issue.



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