What is Open Road?

Open Road Overview

Open Road is our exclusive rewards program for Getaround owners. 

We want to provide owners with the tools they need to make sharing their car as easy as possible. It's time to make the most of life’s adventures.

The idea behind Open Road is simple: unlock rewards by making your car available for sharing at least 50% of the month.

Available Perks

Perks will fall into the following broad categories:

  • Automotive Maintenance and Repair (e.g. Goodyear,, YourMechanic)
  • Health and Wellness (e.g. Equinox, One Medical) 
  • Travel and Entertainment (e.g. Best Western, Holiday Inn Club Vacations)
  • Lifestyle (e.g. UPS, Rinse, Instacart)

Perks are subject to change based on location and availability.

More information on accessing Open Road here.

More information on eligibility for Open Road here. 

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