How does the Connect™ affect my car’s battery?

The Getaround Connect™ is powered by your car’s starter battery. The current drawn from your car’s battery allows the device to connect to the Internet via cellular connection. If you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, please note that the Connect does not draw power from your car’s main hybrid power train battery.

How often should I drive my car? 

We recommend starting and driving your car at highway speeds every 4-5 days to ensure that your car’s battery remains properly charged. When you drive, your car’s alternator charges your battery. If the car isn’t driven for a long period of time, the current draw is enough to prevent your car from starting.

With older or smaller batteries, you may find that your car needs to be driven every 2-3 days. As a battery ages, your battery becomes less effective at charging and discharging and needs to be driven more frequently to prevent your car battery from dying.  

What if my car battery is dying more than expected?

If the Getaround Connect™ is draining your car’s battery more often than expected, it may be time to replace your battery. AAA reports that, on average, most vehicle batteries will fail after three to five years.

If you are experiencing any unusual battery-related issues with your Getaround Connect™, please contact us via our help center and explain the problem you are experiencing with your battery. We will do our best to troubleshoot and resolve your concerns.


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