My car’s battery keeps dying. What should I do?

If your car battery is dying regularly, it may be time to replace the battery. Over time, internal components in your car’s battery grow resistant to the normal cycle of charging and discharging. As your car battery ages, your car battery’s capacity, or the total energy the battery can hold, decreases. A car battery is dead when it runs out of capacity.

Average Battery Lifespan

Once your car battery has reached the 3 year mark, we recommend inspecting and testing your car battery yearly. Your driving habits, the year-round climate in your area, and the size of battery installed in your vehicle can all affect the lifespan of your car battery.  AAA reports that, on average, most vehicle batteries will fail after three to five years.

Battery Testing

You can test the health of your car’s battery by consulting a certified mechanic in your area. Many large automotive service providers and local mechanics will test your car’s battery free of charge. A new battery is a small investment to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience for both you and your renters.

Battery Replacement

Depending on your battery’s manufacturer and where it was installed, you may be able to replace your car battery under warranty. Contact your battery’s manufacturer directly to find out.

You can read more about how the Getaround Connect™ affects your car’s battery here.


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