Why was my car's pricing adjusted?

Our team is constantly working on improvements to our pricing model to help owners earn even more. Our latest version accounts for a number of key factors, including competitor pricing, demand, location, and make and model.

To ensure that every car is well positioned to earn more, we are automatically updating the hourly rate each month for all cars whose price is inconsistent with that predicted by our pricing algorithm. 

We have reached out via email to all owners whose cars will be affected by the pricing update. 

Why we’re making these changes

We’ve heard from owners that determining the right price for their car can be challenging. We want to take the guesswork out of pricing by using data from the thousands of cars that are part of our community. Our data shows that owners earn more by setting their car's hourly rate a fair and competitive price. 

Will I still have control over my car’s price?

Yes. Owners have full control over their car’s price. While we highly recommend owners price their cars at the adjusted rate (which is based on competitor pricing, demand, and a variety of other factors) you can change your car’s price through your car’s profile.

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