What are some ways I can maximize my earnings?

A car’s monthly earnings and rental volume are based on many factors including location, price, availability, and your car’s year, make, and model. We recommend following the best practices outlined below in order to optimize your car’s earnings.

Refine your car’s profile

  • Write a detailed description for your car. Think of your car’s description as a mini-advertisement to your renters. What makes your car great to rent? Does your car have heated seats or an upgraded sound system? Mention it here.

Be strategic

  • Account for seasonality. Like the rest of the travel industry, Getaround also experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand. Consider lowering your car’s price during the winter to make the most of the cold, rainy season.
  • Take care of your car. Renters love a clean, well-maintained car and will come back to rent again. A clean, well-maintained car helps to create a better relationship between you and you renters and sets the standard for how you’d like your car to be treated.

Optimize your car's price

Spread the word

  • Let your friends know you’re sharing your car. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever works for you. Use your personal invite link and earn when your friends sign up.

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