What should I include in my car's description?

Think of your car’s description as a mini-advertisement for your car: it's your chance to let renters know what makes your car the right car for their needs.

How-to edit your car’s description:

Please note that you can only edit your car’s description using the web app. The mobile app does not currently support this feature. To edit your car's description:

  1. Go to your car dashboard at
  2. Select “Manage” under the image of your car.
  3. Select “Description” on the lefthand sidebar.

Tips for writing a great car description:

The best car descriptions are personal. They help the renter get to know you and your car. Do you have a nickname for your car? Do you use it to get to and from bike polo tournaments?

Some things you may want to include in your car's description:

  • Is your car 4WD or AWD?
  • Does your car have in-car navigation or infotainment system?
  • Do you have roof racks or bike racks that renters can use?
  • Does your car get great gas mileage?
  • Is your car bluetooth/AUX enabled?

If you have any special rules for your car, your car’s description is a great place to note them. All Getaround cars are non-smoking and no pets, unless you’ve explicitly checked off “pet-friendly” on your car’s profile.

It's important to note that the details in your car's description are public-facing and visible by all Getaround users, so please don't put any personal information in this section of your profile.

Check out the listing profiles of cars in your area for more inspiration.


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