What should I include in my car's instructions?

Once your car is listed on Getaround, you will be asked to provide renters specific instructions for your car. The purpose of these instructions is to make it quick and easy for renters to find, access, and return your car. Your renters should be able to pick up and return your cars without needing to contact you or Getaround.

How-to edit your car’s instructions

Please note that you can only edit your car’s instructions using the web app. The mobile app does not currently support this feature. To edit your car's instructions:

  1. Go to your car dashboard at
  2. Select “Manage” under the image of your car.
  3. Select “Location” on the lefthand sidebar.

What to include in your car's instructions

Your car’s instructions will only be visible once a renter has a confirmed trip in your vehicle, making it a great place to provide all the details they need when renting your car. This may include:

  • Specific parking instructions, such as lock box codes or valet numbers
  • The best place to street-park in your neighborhood
  • Street-sweeping and parking permit information
  • Specific instructions for operating your car - like how to lower the convertible roof, pop the gas door and open the trunk

This is also a great place to note any specific requests / reminders you may have for your renters. Adding a friendly note to your instructions helps renters meet your expectations. Some suggestions include:

  • Is your car parked on a hill? Remind renters to curb their wheels
  • Ask renters to send photos of street cleaning signs or gas level at the end of their trip
  • General reminders about cleanliness and personal belongings




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