What is my car’s recommended rate?

Your recommended rate is selected to help you maximize your earnings and ensures that your car’s priced competitively based on other cars available near you. Our data shows that you can earn up to twice as much each month, using this pricing alone. This rate takes into account your car’s location as well as your car’s make and model.

When your car is first launched on Getaround, your Community Manager will set your car at its recommended rate. Adjustments may be made to your car's recommended rate at Getaround's discretion at any time based on seasonality and changes in demand. Our team will notify you if your recommended rate has changed for any reason.

Please keep in mind that, in order to qualify for our earnings guarantee, your car’s rate cannot be more than 10% higher than your recommended rate. If you choose not to follow our pricing guidelines, the earnings guarantee for that month is forfeited.

In markets with Cruise Control pricing, your car's rate may be adjusted on a daily basis in order to our recommendations.

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