How is my car’s availability calculated for the earnings guarantee?

Getaround uses your car’s weekend and monthly availability to determine your car’s eligibility for our earnings guarantee. Your car’s monthly and weekend availability is based on your car’s total available hours and total active hours:

  • Available hours: All hours your car is both active on our platform (not temporarily deactivated) and not blocked off on your car's calendar.
  • Active hours: All hours your car is active on our site, regardless of whether not time has been blocked off on your car’s calendar.
  • Percent availability: Available hours/Active hours.

The time when your car is an active rental does not affect your car’s available hours. Only time that is blocked off on your car’s calendar by you is deducted from your car’s available hours.

In order to qualify for our earnings guarantee, your car must be:

  • Available for at least 50% of all weekend days
  • Available for at least 50% of the entire month

When calculating your car’s weekend availability, only your car’s available and active hours on Saturdays and Sundays are taken into consideration. Keep in mind that the hours between 4 am and 11:59 pm on both Saturday and Sunday count towards your car’s availability.

When calculating your car’s monthly availability, your car’s available and active hours for the entire month is taken into consideration. The hours between 4 am and 11:59 pm on each day in the month count towards your car's availability.

The earnings guarantee only applies to full months on Getaround. If your car is launched or offboarded mid-month, the earnings guarantee for that month is forfeited.


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