Are renters allowed to use my disabled placard and/or plates?

No, it is against the law for renters to use disabled placards that were not issued to them. Renters driving cars with disabled plates are not allowed to park in blue zones or take advantage of any other parking privileges that may come with disabled placards and plates.

Disabled placards and plates are issued exclusively to a single person and are not to be shared with members of our community, unless that member is transporting the individual to whom that placard or plate was issued. 

We are committed to empowering all members of our community to share their car. To ensure the safety and security of our community, we require that renters abide by the law at all times when renting a Getaround vehicle with disabled plates.

Abuse of disabled placards and/or plates are subject to applicable penalties as enforced by local law enforcement. Abuse of disabled placards and/or plates reported to Getaround may result in termination of the member’s account at Getaround’s sole discretion.

To learn more about disabled placards and plates, please contact your local DMV.


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