What is Getaround’s earnings guarantee? (discontinued)

Getaround previously offered an earnings guarantee of at least $75 per month and up to $200 per month, based on a car’s home location and certain eligibility requirements. The full list of requirements, eligible zip codes, and guarantee amounts are listed below.

All cars launched after May 1st, 2016 were eligible for this promotion. This promotion ended on December 31st, 2017. 

In order to qualify for the earnings guarantee, your car must meet all eligibility criteria for the full duration of the given month.

Eligibility criteria - your car is:

  • 2005 or newer with under 125,000 miles
  • Available at least 50% of all weekend days (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Available at least 50% of the month
  • Priced no more than 10% higher than your car's recommended rate. There are no restriction on how low you can price your car.

How it works:

  • If your car does not earn more than the guaranteed amount in a given month, the difference will be added to your next monthly earnings payment.
  • The earnings guarantee only applies to full months on Getaround. If your car is launched or offboarded mid-month, the earnings guarantee for that month is forfeited.
  • If your car is temporarily deactivated during the month for more than 24 hours for reasons beyond your control, the guarantee will be prorated based on the number of full days your car was active on Getaround during that month.
  • If you receive a Loss Of Use payment as a result of repairs to your vehicle, the Loss Of Use payment will be deducted from that month’s earnings guarantee.

Additional requirements:

  • Your car must pass our safety inspection. If your car is rejected for any reason by us or by you, the guarantee no longer applies.
  • The earnings guarantee covers cumulative net earnings and does not include additional expenses such as parking, repairs, and maintenance.
  • Hours between 12am and 4am are excluded from the availability calculation.
  • You must have a valid credit card on file.
  • If fraud or tampering is detected, the guarantee is forfeited.
  • The earnings guarantee amount is subject to change or termination at any time.
  • Minimum rental duration for eligible vehicles cannot exceed 1 hour

How much we guarantee per month and where it's available:

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