What are my responsibilities as a car owner?

Owners like you are at the heart of what makes sharing on Getaround possible. As a key member of our community, you have unique responsibilities. We ask that you abide by the following community standards:


The information on your car’s profile and your account should be as accurate as possible. Keeping your car’s profile and your account up-to-date ensure that renters are able to locate your car quickly, use any special features your car might have, and communicate with you if necessary.

For example, if you update your phone number, change your car’s home location, or add/remove any car accessories, such as a bike rack, it’s important that you update your account and your car’s profile.


Once a trip has been booked on your car, please ensure that your car is at the home location at the time and date booked. When a renter books a trip on your car, they’re trusting you with their travel needs.

It’s important to be proactive in blocking off your car’s calendar. Renters rely on your car’s calendar to know when your car is available. If you need to a cancel a trip on your car:

  1. Notify your renter right away, so they can find another car that meets their needs.
  2. Contact Getaround to cancel the reservation. Please keep in mind that cancellation fees may apply.

We always have your safety and wellbeing in mind. In case of an extenuating circumstance, an exception may be made to our cancellation policy.


Having a clean, well-maintained, and smoke-free car is an integral part of your renter’s experience. It helps to create a better relationship between you and you renters and sets the standard for how you’d like your car to be treated.

Before every trip, please take a second to remove all personal items from your car. While renters are asked to return your car just as they found it, small personal items may be lost or otherwise moved if left in your vehicle. Keep in mind that personal items are not covered under Getaround’s insurance policy.


We ask that owners and renters be prompt, respectful, and clear in their conversations with each other. We know that questions might come up during a trip, and the person that knows your car best is you. A little bit of communication can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your car is treated the way you like.

Your car’s instructions should simple and easy to follow. The purpose of these instructions is to allow your renters to pick up and return your car with needing to contact you or Getaround.


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