If I park my car on the street, what kind of wear and tear should I expect?

If you park your car on the street, you should expect a certain level of wear and tear, the same as you would if your car was parked on the street and not shared on Getaround. Cars parked on the street are at greater risk for dents, scratches, and other minor damage to the front and rear bumpers. Our wear and tear policy outlines what is considered acceptable wear under our insurance policy.

Due to the higher likelihood of small damage occurring while your car is parked on the street, we recommend checking on your street-parked car daily.  Staying on top of your car’s condition will ensure that any damage that occurs during a Getaround trip is covered by Getaround’s insurance policy. Our Claims Team must be able to make a confident determination that the damage occurred during an active Getaround trip, in order for your claim to be covered under Getaround’s insurance.

While we recognize that you may not be able to check on your vehicle after every trip, keep in mind that parking your car on the street may make it more difficult for you to pinpoint the responsible party, should damage occur to your vehicle.

Getaround offers dedicated parking in most cities. If you are worried about staying on top of your car’s condition, dedicated parking may help slow normal wear and tear to your vehicle.

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