If I park my car on the street, what are my responsibilities as an owner?

If you live in a neighborhood where street parking is readily available, you may choose to share you car on Getaround and park your car on the street. You will have many of the same responsibilities as before you started sharing your car.

Using the Getaround Connect and our mobile app, renters are able to access your car’s real-time location up to 10 minutes before their reservation starts. Please ensure that your car is parked within 0.25 miles of your car’s listed home location whenever your car is available for rent.

Your renter is responsible for returning your car within 0.25 miles of your car’s listed home location and for parking in a space that is free of parking restrictions for at least 24 hours after the trip ends. You are responsible for your car at all other times.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Acquiring and renewing any parking permits required for your area.
  • Paying any parking-related citations or tow charges that are incurred 24 hours after the last Getaround trip in your vehicle has ended.
  • Checking on your vehicle for any damage, including theft, collision and vandalism, that may occur to your vehicle between active Getaround rentals.
  • Communicating any parking restrictions and/or requests for your area with your renters before the start of their trip.

Learn more about your renters’ responsibilities.

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