How should I prepare for rentals?

Ensuring that your car is clean and well-maintained car makes Getaround a better experience for all of us. It helps to create a better relationship between you and you renters and sets the standard for how you’d like your car to be treated.

We recommend washing and vacuuming your car once a week. Some owners seek out mobile detailers that will wash their car on-site, while others prefer to take their car to the wash or to wash their car on their own. Pick the solution that works best with your schedule.

At the end of each trip, we ask renters to refill the tank. If you notice that a renter has forgotten to top up, take a minute to swing by the gas station and fuel up. A full tank signals to your next renter that they should return your car just as they found it.

It’s just as important to take your car for regular check-ups. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your car out of the shop, on the road, and earning money.  

Friendly reminder - Before every trip, please take a second to remove all personal items from your car. Items may be lost or otherwise moved if left in your vehicle. Personal items are not covered under Getaround’s insurance policy.

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