If my car is leased, can I share it on Getaround?

In most cases, owners are able to share leased vehicles on Getaround. Before listing your car, we recommend reviewing the terms of your lease and any accompanying financial documentation to ensure that there are no restrictions on participating in carsharing programs.

If your car is leased through a Getaround-sponsored promotion, your car has been pre-approved to be shared on Getaround.

Some things to consider when listing your leased car:

  • The number of miles allowed per year for the car
  • The rate for each mile over the yearly allotment

The industry standard for leased vehicles is 12,000 - 15,000 miles per year and $0.25 - $.50 for each mile over the yearly allotment.

If you have any questions about the terms of your lease, please contact the original dealership.

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